Workshop: “Data Analytics for IoT”

This workshop will discuss the challenges of managing and analyzing IoT data and provide hands-on examples on different applications.

The workshop will take place on Friday, October 23, 2020, 9:30 AM –
12:00 PM EEST

About this Event

The sessions of the workshop are the following:

Big Data Management System and Applications (30΄)

Application on Behavioral Biometrics (30΄)

Application on Precision Agriculture (1.00΄)

There will also be small breaks between sessions.

The workshop will take place online in a Zoom call. Participants are only required to have a pc with internet connection.

The hands-on parts will employ Python as the programming language. JupyterHub will be used to build and run the scripts, so no tools and no knowledge are prerequisites for this workshop.

participation certificate will be handed to all participants of the workshop.

Please register using the button above or the link below and the Zoom link to join the workshop will be sent to you via email! Don’t forget to connect to the Zoom call using your full name in order to be admitted to the event!

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