Presentation of the VITAL project at the Agricultural School of the University of Patras

The Agricultural School of the University of Patras is a dynamically rising department. It has equipped laboratories for soil and plant physiology. The scientific potential of the laboratories is oriented towards the use of modern methods for precision agriculture.
For this reason and also due to our long-term cooperation with the specific, we proposed to the professor Mr. Nikos Malamos, the organization and the acceptance of a presentation of the VITAL program.
Professor accepted our invitation and on June 15 our associates Dimitris Kouvas and Andreas Katounis, visited the university.
There was a general presentation of the program as well as the results so far regarding the developed hardware and software.
The two pilots that are in operation for both irrigation and network consolidation were also presented in detail.
Both the teaching staff and the students who participated in the briefing showed great interest.
At the end of the first day we connected VITAL transmission units to a station (meteorological station) and demonstrated the degree of convenience for the transition from a non-telemetric meteorological station to a complete meteorological station compatible with IoT technology.

Soon our company will organize similar presentations and demonstrations both in educational and research institutions and in private clients. For the above reason, the operation of the pilots will continue and will be supported even after the end of the research program.

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