Unification of existing network

The pilot was implemented with key objective the testing and debugging of the data transfer systems, using the low power recorders, designed within the VITAL.

As part of the pilot, 3 ADS units have been installed in order to record data from stations that have been operating for more than 10 years. The stations were originally installed in 2008.

At the entrance of Kavalari settlement and in two pre-existing stations the following units were installed:

  • An ADS 102 unit for measuring meteorological parameters
  • An ADS 102 unit for recording wind speed
  • An ADU 700 unit (gateway)

In the center of the settlement on the bridge was placed 1 recorder that records the changes in the level of the stream. There used to be an older level station installed at the site.

With the pre-existing installation, 3 mobile phone lines were required.

With the implementation of VITAL, the systems (network) were consolidated and only one line is required.

The whole process was extremely laborious and time consuming. Dozens of visits to the sites were required and continuous work and cooperation between the involved team-members, but also between the other VITAL partners. The systems were installed from 2001 to 2007. After more than fifteen years in the field and at least 5 years of unexisting maintenance, both the instruments and the points required maintenance, repairs and in some cases spare parts.

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