Irrigation Pilot

The pilot was designed, installed and set into production, aiming to fully control the operational characteristics of the structural units, software supports and compatibility with commercial building units, which are necessary for the irrigation control.
In addition to Telemetry (VITAL products and design), a complete range of sensors has been installed to measure soil parameters, meteorological parameters and irrigation water quantity parameters.
The measured parameters are evaluated by the software and then the irrigation valves are checked.
As one of the pilot’s goals was to measure water correctly and accurately, external measuring instruments were used to accurately control the flow, and the accuracy of the flowmeters installed was cross-checked.
The most popular commercial materials have been selected so that the pilot can better simulate the actual use.
Experience has been gained from many agencies inside and outside Greece, so that the pilot can best approach the real requirements of the Market.
The pilot duration was chosen to be longer than originally specified, so that the materials could be tested for stability over as long as possible.
The scientific teams of the project partners collectively decided the installation of the pilot to be done in real and not experimental cultivation and also the chosen cultivation not to be seaasonl, but one that requires continuous monitoring and application of irrigation. For this reason, a young olive grove was selected within the farm of the Agricultural Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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